Molybdenum Disulphide Dry Film Lubrication


Low Friction, High Load Bearing Dry Film Lubricant.


A durable bonded coating containing a blend of Molybdenum Disulphide(MoS₂) and thermosetting resin binder. Provides improved lubrication and corrosion protection in aggressive environments.

  • Low coefficient of friction; alleviates stick slip behaviour and provides uniform torque tension on threaded fasteners.
  • Good resistance to a broad spectrum of aggressive chemicals.
  • Reduces wear, extends component life/service intervals.
  • Reduces risk of seizure.
  • Lead and Antimony free.
  • Completely dry, resists pick up of contaminants.
  • Typical thickness 20 microns.

The coating is a spray, brush or dip spin application which may cured at 150°C-180°C ( or air dried with some reduction in mechanical and anti corrosion properties ) to form a bonded solid film.


For use in corrosive environments where:

  1. Permanent lubrication is required eg inaccessible components.
  2. Operating pressures exceed the load bearing capacities of ordinary oils and greases.
  3. Components are subject to frequent disassembly.
  4. Protective coating and sacrificial break in is required eg jet engines.
  5. Fretting and galling is a problem eg splines, universal joints and keyed bearings.
  6. Easy release is required.