Sherardize UK celebrates 10 years of innovation with further expansion

2015 was a milestone year for Sherardize UK marking 10 years since our establishment with significant development which will continue well into 2016.

Site and Plant Expansion.

locationoverviewThe acquisition  of a 6500 square feet facility has allowed us to increase our shotblast and paint capacity by a third, with 2016 seeing the development and addition of our Sherardize furnaces, increasing our process capacity also by a third.

These improvements are in addition to our earlier expansion of our zinc phosphate tank and the development and implementation of our enhanced Sherardize P1000 process.This process increased the hours passed in salt spray tests from 96 for standard Sherardize to 1000 hours whilst keeping the coating thickness to 30-45 microns, providing more choice for our customers.

This programme of increasing process capacity and capability demonstrates our continued commitment to innovation, growth, customer focus and service.