Customer Inspiration!


Thread specification must not be affected by coatings

We can extol the virtues of Sherardizing, however, we were thrilled when a customer took one look at a drawing and knew that his component was entirely suited to a Sherardize finish – in their words, “Sherardize was crying out to me!”

Experience had shown that the finish specified gave problems further on down the line, clogged holes, poor dimensional control on threads and even components sticking together. These problems of course lead to extra costs, rework and site assembly issues. Sherardize presented solutions to all of these problems, cost effectively and reliably.

The uniformity and controlability of Sherardizing results in an alloyed zinc anti corrosion coating, providing a proven and cost efficient finish, you don’t have to to take just our word for it, our customers agree, contact us to see how we can help you too!