Technical Specifications & Standards


Corrosion control begins at the design stage and requires the awareness and co-operation of the entire engineering design team.

In order to ensure the correct specification, the many factors influencing corrosion, including environment, stress, shape and desired design life must be taken in to account

The service life of any zinc coating in a given environment is proportional to the thickness of the coating itself and is an important consideration when specifying.

When specifying Sherardized components, it is vital to consider the factors specific to the process itself.

  • Components should be able to withstand process temperatures of 380-500 ˚C
  • Components must fit into process containers, maximum [2000x500x400mm]
  • Threaded components must have allowances for thread clearance.
  • Components should not have any airtight voids as distortion may occur
  • Salt Spray Test requirements, standard Sherardizing 96 hours, Sherardize P1000® in excess of 1000 hours to ASTM B117.

Our technical team are on hand to provide assistance if required, and samples are available upon request.