Xylan® Fluoropolymers

Product Description

Fluoropolymers were discovered accidentally in 1938 during the polymerizing of tetrafluoroethylene and the commonly known form is PTFE.

Fluoropolymers are probably best known as non-stick cookware coatings, however, they are now a critical component in aerospace, electronics, telecoms, automotive and defence industries.

These coatings are a blend of high performance resins and lubricants, their unique properties give them exceptional corrosion, heat, chemical, electrical and wear resistance, a low co-efficient of friction and consistent tensioning.

Coating Process And Product Size

The process consists of cleaning the components, application of the coating by dip spin for smaller components such as fasteners or hand spray for larger components, followed by curing, flexible temperature range from ambient to 400˚C

Sherardize UK Ltd is an approved applicator of the XYLAN® range of fluoropolymers, specialising in 1070 and 1424.
Please follow the link: www.whitfordww.com for more information.